Button Mapping

XE Button Mapping (non square system program 59):

Program the station port for the correct phone type. See port definition in the programming manual. 

Identify the buttons to be mapped.  See the overlays at the beginning of the manual 

When a line is reassigned from its default location the original button must be blanked.  It is advisable to blank all buttons first. A button must be blanked even if it does not appear on the telephone being programmed, i.e. Buttons B3-B5 on a 6714 phone.

  1. At station 10 dial ITCM * #746*
  2. Dial 593.     
  3. Dial 2 digit port ID (station number)
  4. Press button to be programmed you will get a fast tone then to BLANK the button out hit the TAP button at this time the tone will stop, continue with step 4 until you blank all buttons.  After blanking out all buttons you can assign your CO lines.
  5. Press button you wish to turn into a CO line then follow the CO line chart below.  For example to put a CO button at A1 hit A1, now you can put any CO you want at that location, to assign CO 1 hit A1 again to assign CO 2 you would of hit button A2.
  6. After you have completed assignments for that station port hit the # key and the next station ID (2 digit) number to program the next station port. 

To exit programming hit the "*" key

C.O. Line Chart

Line 1

Button A1

Line 6

Button A8

Line 2

Button A2

Line 7

Button A9

Line 3

Button A3

Line 8

Button A10

Line 4

Button A4

Line 9

Button A11

Line 5

Button A5

Line 10

Button A12


*Note: If programming with a 67xx series phone, use the following:

Button B1  Dial Pad Number 1

Button B2  Dial Pad Number 2

Button B3  Dial Pad Number 3

Button B4  Dial Pad Number 4

Button B5  Dial Pad Number 5

Button B6    Dial Pad Number 5

Button B7  Dial Pad Number 7

Button B8    Dial Pad Number 8

Button A7  Dial Pad Number 9

Button A14   Dial Pad Number 0