ESI 60 Button DSS

ESI 60 Button DSS -Works with Communication Servers and E/S/X-Class Cabinets


ESI 60 Button DSS image

Communication Distributors sells new, refurbished or used business telephones, voice mails and systems. Each used phone, voice mail, and system is put through a refurb process to look like new. All phones, voice mails, and cabinets are thoroughly tested and each refurbished telephone, voice mail, and system are covered by a warranty. All refurbished telephones are repackaged with new desi paper, line and handset cords. All telephones, voice mails, and systems are packaged with care and shipped in new boxes. We are leading experts of new and used Comdial phone systems, new and used ESI phone systems, new and used Avaya phone systems, new and used Samsung phone systems, new and used Vodavi phone systems, new and used Keyvoice phone systems and new and used Vertical business telephone equipment.